Metal Recycling

Oz Bin Recyclers is the metal recycling division of OzShred.  Initially set up to process metals contained in consumer products shredded by our Plastics division. 

Today, Oz Bin Recyclers collects and processes ferrous and non-ferrous metals from a range of organizations. 

An integrated component of our recycling solutions, we provide regular collection services to remove your metal and other recyclable waste. 

Our shredding systems also offer assurance that confidential materials are destroyed and recycled in a secure environment.

Get paid for your scrap metals

Our state of the art shredding and separation systems enable us to maximise the metallic yield, meaning higher your returns for you.

We offer competitive rates for scrap metal and provide prompt and reliable service to remove metal waste from your sites, either on a regular or a one-off basis.

Call us today to find out how your business could turn waste into returns.